Gaisce Story – PAL Rachel Hughes

\"\" Rachel Hughes’ awardees receiving their Gaisce Awards at the Cuskinny Court Outdoor Education Centre. They were members of The Apache Youth Club.

President’s Award Leader Rachel Hughes has been involved in Gaisce since 1998 with The Apache Youth Club in Cork.

She shared her fondest memories of being involved with Gaisce via our Gaisce Story Portal. Talking about being a PAL, she says her favourite thing about Gaisce is to be able to assist Participants achieve their goals, “Our club is for kids with autism and it’s great to see them having their meetings trying to help each other”.

Reflecting on her time as a President’s Award Leader she says, “My fondest memory of Gaisce is from two years ago when a member of our club was deciding if she could do the Bronze Award. She was very nervous and worried. She is a girl with autism and severe anxiety disorder and my own son who has completed his bronze award came forward and took her aside and said the award isn’t about going out and doing something new, it’s about using your present talents and getting your award for all you can do because we all think you’re great.

“She signed up for her Bronze with the others and completed it. The memory shows how Gaisce can change lives and give participants a sense of achievement and belonging to something bigger”.

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