Gaisce Challenge Partners

Learn more about our incredible Gaisce Challenge Partners who are supporting Gaisce Participants with their Challenge Areas and how to become one.

What are Gaisce Challenge Partners

Check back soon! We are currently building a new way of displaying our Gaisce Challenge Partners, which will be more interactive and accessible.

Gaisce Challenge Partners are organisations where Gaisce Participants can complete one or more Challenge Area activities. Participants are required to complete Personal Skill, Community Involvement, Physical Recreation and Adventure Journey activities to earn a Gaisce Award. Challenge Partners will act as activity supervisors who sign off on a Participants’ engagement with the activity or experience.

These partnerships enrich the Gaisce experience by diversifying the opportunities available to participants.

As a Challenge Partner, you will be helping young people gain skills, explore their interests, build their confidence and realise their potential. Gaisce is committed to making the programme as accessible as possible, therefore our Challenge Partners are either charities, non-profit or free of charge.

Strengthen your organisation and impact by becoming a Gaisce Challenge Partner!

How To Become a Gaisce Challenge Partner

Apply to become a Challenge Partner using the contact form below and we will contact you once it’s been reviewed.

Contact Name
What applies to your organisation?
What Challenge Area(s) can your organisation facilitate?
Will a member of staff or volunteer be in a position to sign off on participants’ activities?
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