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Find out how to become a Gaisce participant and read all about what Gaisce can do for you!

Get Involved as a Gaisce Participant

Join the 480,000+ young people who have registered for Gaisce!

Gaisce is non-competitive and self-directed, meaning you are able to set your own goals and work to achieve them over a period of time. When you have completed all your Challenge Area activities and your completion has been processed, you will receive a certificate signed by the President, as well as a Gaisce medal and pin to mark your achievement.

Progression through the Gaisce Award Levels will require you to dedicate more time to each Challenge Area. Those who complete a Gold Award will be invited to attend our annual Gold Award Ceremony, where the President of Ireland will present you with your Award. Please note that there is a registration fee associated with each Award Level. The fee helps support the administration and resources required for the programme.

To start your Gaisce journey, the first step is to connect with a Gaisce Award Partner, an organisation who is actively running Gaisce. With their support, you’ll collaborate with a dedicated President’s Award Leader (PAL) to support your registration, participation and completion.

If you’re unable to find a President’s Award Leader, ask around in your school, local youth centres, volunteer centres, scouting or guides organisations. You can also contact our regional Development Officers for assistance.

Why Should I Do Gaisce?

Gaisce is an opportunity for you to explore your interests, make a positive impact in your community, improve your physical and mental health, gain confidence, valuable skills, and so much more. Empower yourself by deciding what your activities are, how you want to do them and the level you want to be challenged. We encourage all participants to be confident in your abilities, you’ll be surprised what you’re able to achieve!

The Gaisce Award is also recognised by employers, nonprofits and community organisations across Ireland and in more than 130 countries world-wide where similar awards exist. Build out your CV and discuss your commitment, skills and achievements in interviews with potential employers or education institutions. Your Award showcases your dedication and well-rounded development, setting you apart as a candidate who embraces challenges and strives for personal excellence.

Joint Award Initiative – Gaisce In Northern Ireland

In Northern Ireland Gaisce – The President’s Award has a joint agreement with The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award, which enables young people who complete the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award programme to have a choice of Award certification: a Gaisce Award, Duke of Edinburgh’s Award or a Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award. When a participant has completed all sections of the programme, they should let their Leader know which certificate they would like to receive.


The Gaisce Award programme has three Award Levels, starting with Bronze and progressing to Silver and Gold. Find out more about each Award Level below.

Bronze Award

Gaisce Participants must be 14+ to register for the bronze award.

Silver Award

Gaisce Participants must be 15+ to register for the silver award.

Gold Award

Gaisce Participants must be 17+ to register for the gold award.

Gaisce Challenge Areas

Embrace the Gaisce challenge by completing Challenge Area activities to earn your Award!

Dual Awards

Gaisce collaborates with the Catholic Guides of Ireland, Irish Girl Guides, and Scouting Ireland through a Dual Award Programme. To streamline the Gaisce experience, these partners have aligned the criteria of their respective awards with Gaisce’s Bronze, Silver, and Gold levels. If participants pursue both awards and register with Gaisce, they can earn a Gaisce Award alongside the corresponding partner award.

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