President’s Award Leaders

Learn more about our President’s Award Leaders who are supporting young people to fulfil their potential and how to become one.

Get Involved as a President’s Award Leader

Central to the success and design of the Gaisce programme are our incredible President’s Award Leaders (“PALs”) who deliver, guide and support thousands of young people undertaking their Gaisce journey each year.

President’s Award Leaders drive participation with the Award, assist with selecting Challenge Areas and registration, support and motivate their participants, sign-off on completions, organise the Adventure Journey and present Awardees their certificates and medals.

Being a President’s Award Leader is an opportunity for you to empower young people, inspire lasting change, build your personal and professional skills, see outcomes to your work and strengthen your organisation as a recognised Gaisce Award Partner.

We deeply appreciate the dedicated work of our PALs, without whom there would be no Awardees, or Gaisce. We celebrate PALs who reach a milestone or have had a Gold Awardee at our annual PAL Celebration event.

How To Become A PAL?

To become a PAL, you must meet the eligibility criteria by working with a youth-centred organisation, such as a post-primary school, youth project, volunteer centre, sports centre, and similar organisations.

During the registration process, you’ll need to provide and verify your details, undergo Garda vetting and book your PAL Training. Once you’ve completed the vetting, reference checks, and training, Gaisce will conduct a comprehensive review of your application.

Please note it may take between 30 to 60 days to complete all the necessary components of your application. If your application takes longer than 6 months, it will be considered lapsed. Gaisce will notify you once your application is fully approved. At that point, your participants can proceed to sign up.

Upcoming PAL Training

During registration you will select a slot for your training. Here is an upcoming list for your reference.

Thurs, August 29th: Online, 09:30-13:00

Wed, September 11th: Online, 09:30-13:00

Thurs, September 19th: Online, 9:30-13:00

Wed, September 25th: Online, 9:30-13:00

Thurs, October 3rd: Online, 9:30-13:00

Wed, October 9th: Online, 9:30-13:00

Thurs, October 24th: In-person (Athlone), 9:30-13:00
Shamrock Lodge Hotel, Athlone

Thurs, November 14th: Online, 9:30-13:00

Thurs, November 24th: Online, 19:00-20:00

Thurs, November 27th: Online, 9:30-13:00

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