PAL Interview – Dave Sheridan

Dave Sheridan is a youth worker based in the Ballymun Regional Youth Resource (RECO) and has been a PAL with Gaisce for the past year, “It is not something that is new to BRYR. I took over as a PAL as our previous PAL had left her role and moved on.”

Since Dave’s inception as a PAL he has managed to form strong links with the local secondary school, Ballymun Trinity Comprehensive, and local GAA club Ballymun Kickhams. Dave says, “We offer a lot of programmes through BRYR which help facilitate progression through Gaisce. We have a young leader’s programme, music programmes, gardening programme and a gym programme.”

Dave explains that he has made these connections with other local clubs because it ‘makes sense’. “Some of these teenagers are already meeting some of the criteria for Gasice through their activities. However, it also helps to get them involved with things they may not have got involved with otherwise.”

Having watched this year’s Gaisce participants receive their Bronze Awards recently Dave says you can see the change in the teenagers from when they first took up the Gaisce challenge, “It has definitely helped the teenagers to become more out-going and confident. Some of them have already signed up to do their Silver Award so it’s great to see that enthusiasm.”

Dave goes on to explain how Gaisce has helped to reignite his passion for youth work, “Gaisce has really helped me in my own work. I’ve gotten the chance to meet new people. I’ve worked in youth services all my life but by getting involved with Gaisce as PAL it’s given me a new lease of life and opened up so much opportunities.”

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