Gaisce Challenge Areas

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Personal Skill.

In the Personal Skill Challenge Area, you have a chance to develop an existing skill or try something brand new. This is an opportunity for you to explore an activity that interests you and to develop skills you may have previously thought were beyond your reach.

Examples of Personal Skills:
Art, Baking, Coding, Cooking, Creative Writing, DIY, Drawing, First Aid, Gardening, Knitting, Language Learning, Musical Instrument, Online Courses, Painting, Photography, Singing, Videography.

Community Involvement.

In the Community Involvement Challenge Area, you have the chance to volunteer with diverse community groups and charities, dedicating your time to support people, animals, or communal activities. Gaisce often serves as a young person’s initial introduction to volunteering and active citizenship. Volunteering offers an excellent avenue for you to connect with your community, boost your self-assurance, forge new friendships and expand your network, all while acquiring fresh skills. Engaging with your community empowers you to voice your ideas and actively contribute to meaningful changes in your surroundings.

Examples of Community Involvement:
Animal Welfare Volunteer, Charity Volunteer, Community Garden, Community Mural, Community Tidy, Environmental Awareness Activities, Lifeguarding, Local History Project, Neighbour Support, Sports Coach/Referee, Youth Club Volunteer.

Physical Recreation.

In the Physical Recreation Challenge Area, you have the chance to enhance your proficiency in a physical activity you already enjoy or explore a new sport or exercise. Engaging in physical activity is not only beneficial for your body but also vital for your overall well-being.  It’s important to choose activities that match your current capabilities. Whether you undertake these activities individually or as part of a team, your dedication and commitment as an individual are what truly matter, even in the context of team sports.

Examples of Physical Recreation:
Badminton, Basketball, Boxing, Cycling, Dancing, Football, GAA, Gym Activities, Hiking, Kayaking, Online Exercise Classes, Physiotherapy, Rugby, Running, Skateboarding, Tennis, Walking, Yoga.

Adventure Journey.

The Adventure Journey often proves to be the most memorable aspect of Gaisce for participants. It is an opportunity to plan, train for and complete an outdoor activity over a number of days/nights as part of a team. It is a unique, challenging and memorable experience. It creates strong bonds between participants as well as the opportunity to develop self-sufficiency and leadership skills. The Adventure Journey can take place on land or water. Participants must travel by their own physical efforts: foot, cycle, canoe, horse and sail.

Examples of an Adventure Journey:
Check out our Adventure Journey resource guide, available to download here.

Gold Residential.

For Gold Award participants, you will be required to attend a Gold Residential that takes place over 5 days and 4 nights. You will be in an unfamiliar environment with people who are not your usual companions working towards a common goal. The project activity should take place over consecutive days and nights. In exceptional circumstances, the residential can be completed over two weekends, using the same activity, within the same calendar year. This must be approved in advance with Gaisce – The President’s Award.

Gold Portfolio.

For Gold Award participants, you will be required to put together a portfolio. This portfolio serves as a comprehensive record of your Gold Award journey, showcasing concrete evidence of the activities you’ve undertaken to achieve the award. You have the flexibility to compile this portfolio either as you progress through your Gaisce journey or upon completing all of the required activities. We introduce this at our ‘Going For Gold’ online event and offer support during our ‘Gold Portfolio Check-In’ online event. You can check our events page to learn more.

March 31st is our annual submission date for the Gold Portfolio. Those who submit on time will be eligible for the Gold Award Ceremony in the Summer, after processing. Due to capacity, some may be placed on a holding list for the following year.

Gaisce Challenge Partners.

Looking for inspiration on where you can do some Challenge Area activities?
Check out our Gaisce Challenge Partners page!

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