Gaisce Award Partners

Learn more about our incredible Gaisce Award Partners who are actively running Gaisce and how to become one.

What are Gaisce Award Partners?

Gaisce Award Partners are organisations where young people can register for Gaisce and receive support to help them complete their Award. Gaisce Participants are supported by President’s Award Leaders (“PALs”) who work or volunteer within these GAPs. As a Gaisce Award Partner, you will be creating the opportunity for Participants to develop their skills, build their confidence and make a positive impact in your local community. It’s also a positive development opportunity for staff to build their leadership and mentoring skills.

GAPs play a pivotal role in the facilitation of Gaisce and providing further access points to young people all across Ireland. There are currently over 800 Gaisce Award Partners across Ireland, which include schools, the community and voluntary sector, disability services and youth diversion projects.

Strengthen your organisation and impact by becoming a Gaisce Award Partner!

How To Become a Gaisce Award Partner

In order to become a Gaisce Award Partner, you must have a trained President’s Award Leader (PAL) in your organisation. The process of becoming a PAL involves registering, vetting and training. To learn more visit our President’s Award Leader page.

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