Gaisce Story – Gaisce Awardee and PAL – Matthew McNulty



Gaisce Awardee and President’s Award Leader Matthew McNulty achieved both his Gold Award and attained PAL status in 2018 with the Gaisce Alumni Network (GAN)

He contacted Gaisce via our Gaisce Story Portal to share his fondest moments of being involved with Gaisce. Talking about being an Awardee and PAL, he says his favourite thing about Gaisce is volunteering and helping those less fortunate.

“I really love to help others; I always get this feeling after volunteering that just makes me feel proud and happy knowing that I am doing something productive with my life which helps others”.

He recalls how that due to suffering from dyspraxia, there were tough times during his Gaisce journey, but these tough times helped to propel him to achieve his Gaisce Gold Award. “There were moments where I wanted to give up, but I kept going to prove to myself that I could do this despite my dyspraxia.

“Since completing the Gold Gaisce Award, I have continued volunteering and have become a President’s award leader and Like-Minded mentor. My proudest moment was when President Michael D Higgins presented me with my Gold Award. This was the moment that I realised dyspraxia is part of who I am and with it, I can face anything”.

The one piece of advice that Matthew would give to anyone looking to do their Gaisce Award is to always believe in yourself and DREAM BIG”.

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