PAL Letter and Meet-Ups

Gaisce recently sent a letter to all of our PALs, ensuring that the contact details we have are accurate, outlining changes to our online system, and inviting PALs to attend one of two PAL meet-ups happening this month.

If you have received the letter and are planning to attend one of the meet-ups, but have not responded we would ask that you let us know which event you would like to attend by emailing as soon as possible

We are aware that some PALs have moved organisations, etc, which has not been reflected on our system, and so they may not have received the letter. If you have not, please email to receive a digital copy of the letter. Please include your updated contact details (postal address, email address, and phone number) so that Gaisce can keep in touch with you.

We look forward to meeting our PALs at the meet-ups!

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