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Today, March 1st, 2024, Ireland celebrates Irish Traveller Ethnicity Day which marks the anniversary of the recognition of Travellers’ ethnicity, first formally recognised in 2017. On this day, we celebrate the culture and heritage of Irish Travellers. 

In honour of this landmark day, Gaisce – The President’s Award is proud to highlight the hard work and dedication of Gaisce Participant Latisha McCrudden.  

Latisha has been involved in the Irish Traveller Community movement for many years. She has worked with the Minceirs Whiden Youth Forum and is involved in several groups such as the National Women’s Council of Ireland, the National Youth Assembly of Ireland and Spun Out. Since 2022 she has been working on a national project that examines the effect of the Covid 19 pandemic on children in Ireland. Through this project, Latisha ensures that the voices of young Traveller children are heard.  In 2023, she spoke at the ROSA event in Dublin, highlighting the racism and discrimination against the Irish Traveller community. 

Latisha is a Gaisce Bronze Awardee and is currently undertaking her Silver Award. She took part in karate training for her Physical Recreation Challenge Area and for her Personal Skill Challenge Area she took on the challenge of baking a new dish every week for thirteen weeks. For the Community Involvement Challenge Area, which she did during the COVID-19 pandemic, she wrote to residents in a local nursing home, sending poems, drawings and quotes to lift their spirits. For Latisha, Gaisce is a building block, she enjoyed the journey of new skills and experiences on her Gaisce journey and believes it will stand out on her CV and benefit her career in the years to come.  

In the future, Latisha hopes to expand her social media platform and spread her message to more people. She is due to receive an education award from Exchange House and plans to begin her career in law and has a job lined up with a local solicitor She also aspires to get involved in politics and run for a seat in the Dáil in 2028. Latisha is an amazing and accomplished young woman and a shining example of how your Gaisce journey can impact you, your community, and your career.  

We can’t wait to follow Latisha on her Gaisce Journey and see what the future holds for her! 

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