International Women’s Day 2024 – Message from Avril Ryan

To mark International Women’s Day 2024, CEO of Gaisce – The President’s Award, Avril Ryan, has shared a special message: 

As the CEO of Gaisce, my goal is to ensure the organisation empowers and equips young people for life through their Gaisce Awards by unlocking their full potential through the challenges and recognition offered by the Award framework.  

On this International Women’s Day, I extend a special shoutout for the remarkable accomplishments of young women who have been and are currently engaged in Gaisce. In a world where women still grapple for opportunities and recognition, countless young women have showcased their talents, resilience, leadership, community spirit, ingenuity, and a commitment to personal development through their Gaisce Award activities. These young women stand as strong role models for their peers and other young people, particularly young women experiencing marginalisation who have overcome even greater obstacles towards the achievement of their Gaisce Awards.  

A salute is also due to the phenomenal women serving as Gaisce President’s Award Leaders (PALs), who motivate, guide, and bring out the potential in young people every day through their encouragement and mentorship.  

Within our organisation, I am so grateful to be surrounded by an exceptional team of individuals and Council members who passionately embody our values, particularly those of equality and inclusion. International Women’s Day reminds me of the many influential and inspirational women who have championed and been there for me throughout my career and life, cheering me on to dream big. That has given me the motivation to repay their kindness and wisdom by supporting, pushing, and encouraging other women to believe in themselves, embrace leadership roles, and realise their full potential as equal and powerful voices who can make a difference no matter what they put their mind to—mirroring the aspirations I hold dear for every young woman participating in the Gaisce Awards. 

As we say in Gaisce to ourselves and to everyone involved in the Awards – there is always more in you than you might think possible, believe in yourself!  

Happy International Women’s Day 😊 

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