Gaisce Partner with UCD & RCSI on sugar tax


Gaisce are delighted to announce a new partnership with University College Dublin and the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland. Over the next number of years right up until 2020 the two groups will be involved with running a \’citizen science\’ project that aims to explore if a tax added to sugar-sweetened drinks might benefit public health. Through this project the team aim to collect data about attitudes to sugar sweetened drinks, purchasing of these drinks by young people and how retailers display such drinks. The national project welcomes input from young people with diverse backgrounds and from both urban and rural schools.

This project will facilitate Gaisce participants to meet either the Personal Skill or the Community Involvement challenge area by getting involved in data collection for the project through interaction with local retailers and collecting information on the price and types of products on sale and on products purchased by people over a 2-day period. This project will nurture the skills of young people in critical thinking, scientific research, team work, problem solving, communication and leadership while also facilitating youth to play a part in shaping Ireland’s public health policy.

For more information on this great projector to get involved simply email

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