Amy Barrett hits right notes with Gaisce

Amy Barrett, through getting involved with Gaisce, recently released her first single title ‘Emilio’. Amy chose recording as part of her skill and found Gaisce to be the perfect fit in terms of progressing her music. “I’d always been writing songs since I was about seven but I never really advanced as much as I should have so I took the opportunity with Gaisce and I progressed and I recorded this song as part of my Gaisce and I also wrote a few more.”

Amy admits the recording process and the different elements that go in to recording can be quite intense, she says, “I did so many takes to make sure it was perfect. The tuning, levels, everything has to be perfect.” With the help of her long-time mentor and guitar teacher Mark Caplice Amy was able to record ‘Emilio’ in six days and her song was then produced by Cian Sweeney.

“It’s kind of weird hearing everybody sing it now. I was quite nervous to release it because a lot of my age group don’t really listen to that genre but everybody seemed to really like it and I was delighted with the result.” Amy goes on to say that the Gaisce programme was ‘brilliant’ and it pushed her to do things she had never done before or had never thought of doing.

“It gave me loads of opportunities, I absolutely loved it. I thought the community section was great because it pushed me to do something I would not have done before.” Amy volunteered with arch-club Naas which is a social-club for adults with special needs. “I got involved with a load of different activities which help to boost their self-esteem. We’d go bowling and to the golf course and we even held an end of year concert where all the members of the club sang in front of their friends and family.”

Amy goes on to say that she would definitely encourage other young people to take up the Gaisce programme, “It’s a really great programme, it really helped me progress as a person in my transition year.”

You can find out more about Amy\’s music on her Facebook page:



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