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Welcome to the GO Help & FAQ page.

Thank you for your patience during the transition to Gaisce Online (GO). We are excited to introduce you to GO (Gaisce Online) with a brand-new look and new features to assist PALs in registering and managing your participants’ Gaisce journeys.  

The GO system was designed with PALs in mind and your PAL portal has enhanced features such as: 

  • Ability to raise invoices and receive receipts by email
  • Raise a query to get support from the Gaisce team
  • Register easily to attend Gaisce events and trainings
  • Ability to quickly and simply update your contact details

Things will look a little different to what you are used to, so we have created some helpful video tutorials and user guides to guide you through the new system and show you how to manage your participants. 

If you require any further assistance contact your Development Officer or send an email to

Check our PAL Toolkit for our latest PAL Pack.

User Guides:

Gaisce Online (GO) Video Tutorials:

For best experience watch in Fullscreen 1080p.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

You can register to become a PAL here:

Please ensure you’ve read our page “How To Become A PAL” and the relevant guides in the “PAL Toolkit“.

You can register to become a Gaisce participant at the link below:

Participant Sign-Up | Gaisce Online

If you’re seeing our old buttons: If you’ve used our website before it may store data to your browsers cache to load webpages faster. This could prevent you from seeing our updates. To solve this clear your cache, use an incognito window, use a different browser or bookmark the links below.

If the buttons aren’t displayed: Depending on your device and screen size, you may not see the navigation bar. You can zoom out or look for the triple line icon ” ” for our dropdown menu.

Alternatively, here are the links:

If you are currently a President’s Award Leader and have previously used an online system with Gaisce to approve participants, then you have a username already! Your username is the email address you used to login previously.

Make sure that the password you’re entering contains at least eight characters, including one alphabetic character and one number. 

Before completing your participants, you will now need to complete a short survey with details of the Adventure Journey your group undertake. This is to help us capture some information about what is working best for PALs and participants nationwide and to us continuously improve the experience with your input and experiences. While there are questions on the form which relate to the overnight, please note that in 2022 the overnight element is not mandatory so you can finish the form without adding that detail on this occasion. You don’t have to fill this in for each individual, just for the wider group that went on their Adventure Journey. 

Your participants will receive an email shortly with instructions on how to log in to the GO system. Bronze and Silver participants will be able to create and update diary entries, if they use this feature (diary entries are not a requirement).   

In April 2022 our GO (Gaisce Online) system went live.  Existing PALs would have received an email from to invite them to activate their GO account.  Please check your email as the link to activate will last 180 days.

In April 2022, our GO (Gaisce Online) system went live.  If you are a PAL in more than one GAP, you would have received two emails via to invite you to activate the accounts on both GAP’s.  Please check your email as the link to activate will last 180 days.

You will have have received an email from which includes a a Unique Identifier Number (ID). This number along with your email can now be used to add or update diary entries.

Your account has lapsed due to non payment of your award.  Please choose the pay later link within your registration email.

Once a PAL approves participants, Gaisce will endeavour to dispatch within 8-10 working days.

Please ensure the card is set up for 3d secure and can be authenticated by the card holder in advance of payment.

Internet Explorer is not compatible with Gaisce Online and does not meet system requirements.

We recommend using the following browsers while using Gaisce Online:

  • Google Chrome
  • Microsoft Edge
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Safari

Please ensure you are using the most updated version of your browser.

Let us know about your experience with using the new system by completing the survey below: