Adventure Journey Safety

There is a reason they call it an adventure journey….one never knows what to expect! To help you with your group’s adventure journey, we’ve put together a quick checklist that should keep everyone safe.

\"599375_10151173695899985_1473655307_n\"Gaisce Adventure Journey Checklist

  • Parental Consent for each participant under the age of 18
  • Buildings and transport have been checked for Safety
  • Adequate Insurance has been acquired for the trip
  • Sleeping arrangements are adequate for males and females
  • Sleeping arrangements are adequate for over 18’s
  • There is one Leader per 8 participants, minimum of 2 per trip
  • Medical requirements of participants established
  • First aid kit
  • PALs and Participants have agreed a code of conduct re: Social Media and Mobile phones
  • Appropriate footwear and raingear is being used by participant
  • Emergency Numbers are available to leaders
  • If your adventure journey involves undertaking an activity that requires specialist resource or training this needs to be in place before completing your journey.
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