Benefits of Doing The President’s Award

We know that juggling Gaisce with school, college, work, sport and hobbies can be a challenge. Regardless of the level of the award, whether it\’s bronze, silver or gold, achieving the President’s Award is more than a medal, it is the experience of completing and doing your activities consistently that brings you the greatest benefits.

Here’s a quick reminder of what you gain by doing and completing your Gaisce journey:

SociabilityThe President’s award can help you grow in confidence.  By doing new activities you can meet new people from all walks of life, explore new places and try things.  Youcan get involved in your community and learn about individual differences and become more accepting of others and yourself!


A key part of your President’s Award is to take part in a community activity, which means you can get involved in volunteering in a way you might not have thought about doing before.  Doing this encourages you to participate in your community and to give to others who may be in need.


The benefit of taking regular physical exercise is no secret.  It is one of the most important things you can do for your health and impacts upon your physical, mental and emotional well- being.   Start the habit of a lifetime now and make fitness a part of your life.


We have spoken to many employers who tell us the importance of listing ‘Gasice – The President’s Award’ on your CV.   When you achieve your Award, whatever the level,  you will have a way to signal to prospective employers that you may have developed important skills such as teamwork, problem solving, coaching others, and leadership.    Skills that all employers value.

Personal Growth and Development

Gaisce is about challenging yourself and reaching goals that are important to you.    Doing the Award will show you just how much you are capable of achieving when you set a goal and work to achieve it.    Achieving your President’s Award will let you learn more about yourself so that you can discover your own potential.


The Adventure Journey is a great opportunity to plan and undertake a journey in a new environment and to join your friends in undertaking the challenge together.   Increasing your understanding and awareness of the environment and nature, and a chance to have some fun together while doing this, and to build upon the skills you’ve gained in preparing for the trip. We’ve heard from many Gaisce –teers over the years and the Adventure Journey is a great part of your President’s Award and one that you will remember for many years to come.


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