Two Gaisce Awardees from CBS James’s Street Receive Their Bronze Awards

On March 7th , 2024, Gaisce – The President’s Award was delighted to have the opportunity to present awards to two young people from CBS James’s Street who completed their award with the School Completion Programme Liberties Dublin 8 Cluster (SCP). SCP is a targeted support programme for Primary and Secondary young people. This support is available under the Delivering Equality of Opportunity in Schools (DEIS) Programme and funded by Tusla Education Support Services (TESS). SCP aims to retain a young person to completion of the leaving certificate, equivalent qualification or suitable level of educational attainment which enables them to transition into further education, training or employment.

Leandra and Sean were each presented with their Gaisce Bronze Awards by Gaisce CEO Avril Ryan. In attendance were, Mary Jane Fitzsimons, Leandra and Sean’s President’s Award Leader (PAL), Pauline Queally, Principal of CBS James’s Street, Eire McQuillan HSCL in CBS James’s Street, and Ciaran Cronin, Principal at St James Primary.

Leandra applied for and was given a spot on the Dublin Youth Council for her Community Involvement Challenge Area, attended a conference and mentored younger students on SCP transition camps, Easter and Summer Camps. For her Physical Recreation, she took up walking and for her Personal Skill she participated in a Seasons for Growth Programme and aromatherapy workshops.

Sean volunteered as a classroom assistant in a primary school for his Community Involvement Challenge Area, started baking for his Personal Skill and played basketball for his Physical Recreation.

The two started their awards in 2020 and faced many barriers along the way. During the COVID-19 lockdown were prevented from meeting their three challenge areas, but both persevered and never gave up on their Gaisce journey.

Mary Jane Fitzsimons, Leandra and Sean’s PAL commented: ‘’I’m delighted to be here today with the two students. I’m so proud of them and the journey they’ve been on. They’ve had a lot of barriers in the way with the COVID-19 lockdown and a lot of the activities they chose stopped because of the lockdowns. They didn’t let that be a barrier, we found other ways around it to keep working and they persevered, they showed so much commitment so much effort so much courage along the way and so much fun with what they were doing so I’m really delighted for them that they’ve achieved this. I’m grateful for Gaisce, they made it much easier to be a PAL and to support the young people. It’s been a wonderful journey and I’m feeling motivated to help them go on to silver and gold.’’

Pauline Queally, Principal of CBS James’s Street added: “Normally the Gaisce Award would be about 6 months but due to COVID it was stretched out over a number of years, and that shows their resilience and the drive, both students have shown in order to get the Gaisce Award. It gives them a sense of confidence in themselves. We’re very very proud they’ve achieved this and we’re proud to be here today. Thank you to their parents who’ve supported them and everyone who has been involved.”

Leandra and Sean are two amazing young people who showed courage and determination on their Gaisce journeys, despite the barriers they faced along the way. We can’t wait to see the next step on their Gaisce Journey, and we’re looking forward to seeing them progress and undertake their Gaisce Silver Award!

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