Three Gaisce Awardees from Stewarts Care Ballyfermot receive their Silver Awards

We hosted an award ceremony for three fantastic young people from Stewarts Care, Ballyfermot Hub at Gaisce’s office, Ratra House (Phoenix Park).

Beatrice, Conor and Vasyl were each presented with their Gaisce Silver medals after completing 26 weeks of the Gaisce programme.

Stwewart’s Care is a voluntary organisation providing comprehensive community-based services to people with intellectual disabilities since 1869.

Beatrice, Conor and Vasyl did amazing work for their Gaisce Awards most noticeably litter picking in Drunfinn Park Ballyfermot for the Community Involvement aspect of their Gaisce Award.

This park was previously underused due to rubbish, particularly the playground and pitch and is now welcoming back young people delighted with the space. Beatrice, Conor and Vasyl are shining examples of using the Gaisce framework for personal development while also giving back to their local community.

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