Things to remember for PALs

\"\"Participant Registration:

Participants must register for their Gaisce award before undertaking any Gaisce activities. Gaisce activities will not be backdated so please ensure young people register under their PAL before they begin. The number of weeks between registration and completion must comply with the Gaisce requirements e.g. min. 26 weeks for Bronze and Silver Awards. PALs are responsible for ensuring that all participants register online and that registration fees are paid promptly to Gaisce-The President’s Award.

Lapsed participants:

Participants who do not pay registration fees within 60 days of registering will be automatically lapsed from the system. This means they will no longer appear on your screen and they cannot access their accounts (both you and your participant will receive notifications). Please contact our Administration Team if this occurs (01 6171999).   Please ensure that participants do not register more than once on the system (lapsed accounts can be reactivated by Gaisce Administration team to facilitate payment).

Bronze Medal Dispatch

Our online system has a new tick box on your Home Page – ‘Do Not Dispatch Awards yet’.  This feature streamlines the delivery process of Medals, when a number of participants will complete their Award within a short period.  If you or another PAL in your organisation still have more participants to sign off for awards, tick the ‘Do Not Dispatch Awards yet’ box.  Once all of your participants are completed and signed off, you can untick the box. Gaisce will then deliver all of the awards within 10 business working days.

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