The Ride Away From The Storm Art Exhibition – Gaisce, Oberstown, IMMA, SPICE

Oberstown Uncovers 
Acrylic on canvas, mixed media (cloth)
Oberstown Uncovers Acrylic on canvas, mixed media (cloth)


In 2022, 12 young people doing their Gaisce Award at Oberstown Children Detention Campus collaborated with the Irish Museum of Modern Art (IMMA) to curate an art exhibition for their Community Involvement Challenge Area.

The young people chose subjects that depicted their own personal history or that expressed their connection with Irish history, heritage and culture. Art teachers guided the young artists, who also took part in workshops facilitated by the IMMA SPICE project – a citizen curation initiative to help
groups with limited or no access to art galleries to connect with and draw inspiration from the IMMA collection.

The paintings were produced over six months in the art room in Oberstown and each young person selected a work from the IMMA Collection that connects with their own work.

“The Ride Away From The Storm”, named after one of the art pieces, was launched by Roderic O’Gorman at IMMA’s Project Spaces. Running from April 26 to May 8, 2022, the exhibition attracted 4,183 visitors.

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A young person involved in the exhibition said: “I’m making this to show the world to look forward”.

Speaking at the launch, Minister O’Gorman, said “I am delighted to be here today at the launch of this fantastic exhibition showcasing the wonderful work of young people from Oberstown here at the Irish Museum of Modern Art. The beautiful artwork on display here today illustrates the importance of the self-development programmes in place on campus at Oberstown. Despite often coming from difficult backgrounds young people can achieve so much when they are provided with a safe and secure environment and the supports to flourish. The aim of Gaisce is to support young people in fulfilling their potential and that reflects the Oberstown commitment to help young people to return to their communities and make a positive contribution.”

Damien Hernon, Director, Oberstown Children Detention Campus said ““We are so proud of the young people and the art they have created and delighted to see it exhibited in the prestigious surroundings of the Irish Museum of Modern Art. Engaging with programmes in Oberstown helps young people develop skills and work towards maximising their potential so they can move on with their lives in a positive way after they leave the Campus. Young people in Oberstown can, and want to, contribute to the wider community by availing of the opportunities on offer, through programmes such as Gaisce. We are thrilled for the young people and the recognition of their great work.”

Yvonne McKenna, CEO, Gaisce – The President’s Award said “Gaisce – The President’s Award is delighted to be part of this unique and ground-breaking collaboration showcasing artworks which give voice to young people through self-discovery and creativity. Gaisce is committed to supporting young people to reach their full potential regardless of their social or personal circumstances and celebrating the vital role creativity can play in youth development.”

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