President Higgins supports Gaisce’s #BulbsForBees campaign

Message from President Michael D. Higgins

May I take this opportunity to thank Gaisce for designing and launching the most important initiative that is BulbsForBees.

Today, across the world, our biodiversity which has evolved across centuries and generations is being destroyed, invaded and plundered at a pace unprecedented in human history. Our pollinator populations are declining at an alarming rate, as excessive use of pesticides, urbanisation processes and climate change threaten the sustainable food production and food security on which mankind depends.

We are profoundly aware that the future of humanity is dependent on pollinators, which are so vital to the creation and maintaining of the habitats and ecosystems on which many animals rely. Maintaining and supporting the conditions that make the work of pollinators possible has now become an urgent challenge, requiring an ethical response from citizens across the globe.

Many, many people across Ireland work with great dedication to preserve our vital biodiversity – planting trees, farming organically, using environmentally friendly products, making responsible food choices and in so many other ways demonstrating their commitment to the safeguarding of our fragile planet.

The provision of a diverse assortment of flowering plants, which will encourage native species in our landscape, is yet another important action in our work to conserve our environment in all its diversity.

By planting a pollinator friendly bulb this Autumn, you will be making your own significant contribution to this important work, and to enabling the urgent change that we must achieve for our generations and generations to come.

I thank all those who will partaking in this special Gaisce challenge and who, by doing so, make a profound statement of their real desire to protect the life we share on this planet.

Michael D. Higgins

Uachtarán na hÉireann

President of Ireland

Read a message from President Michael D. Higgins: Gaisce_BulbsforBees_A Message from The President of Ireland.


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