PAL Interview – Barry Caulfield

This Easter President Award Leader Barry Caulfield will walk the Camino with eight students as part of their Gold Award Adventure journey. “The adventure trip is where I gave the most help. I suggested the Camino but the kids went off and done all the research and they came back and wanted to do the Camino walk.”

Barry will travel with three colleagues and spend four days walking the route, averaging 25km each day. “Everything is booked and set up. Flights and hostels for each night. I have also told the guys to be mindful of what they pack as they will be carrying all their belongings each day.”

Barry has been a PAL with Gaisce for six years now and has seen first-hand the benefits Gaisce can have on students, “I always put it to the students that this is your personal ambition and personal achievement that will stand to you for a long, long time.”

He also believes the programme has helped him as a teacher, “It’s been beneficial to have a role of responsibility within the school. When you meet the kids and see what they’re doing it makes you want to help them as best you can.”

In terms of what difference Gaisce can mean for a student Barry says ‘it’s always a positive one’. “Gaisce is an opportunity for students to interact with people they may not normally interact with. Being a PE teacher I would always encourage physical activity and Gaisce helps to do that too.”

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