New and Exciting Partnership Between Gaisce and CoderDojo

Gaisce is delighted to announce that we have recently partnered with CoderDojo.

CoderDojo is an open source, volunteer led movement orientated around running free not-for-profit coding clubs and regular sessions for young people.

At Dojos, young people between 5 and 17 learn how to code, develop websites, apps, programs, games and more. Dojos are set up, run by and taught at by volunteers. In addition to learning how to code, members meet like minded people, show off what they’ve been working on and so on. CoderDojo makes development and learning to code a fun, sociable, kick ass experience.

From now on Dojo attendees across the country can have their time at their Dojo count towards two different Gaisce categories; personal skill or community involvement. Any Gaisce participant can learn new coding and computer skills Dojo and have them counted for their personal skill.

CoderDojo is a community orientated movement and there is usually a bustling community around each Dojo. Now young people working towards their Gaisce award can get involved by either becoming an administration volunteer or mentoring at their local Dojo both which will count towards the community involvement section.

Girls – You can join CoderDojo too!

Everyone in the technology sector is aware of the glaring gender gap. Many Dojos have found that among younger age groups, there are equal numbers of boys and girls, but that girls drop off when they hit their teenage years. This new partnership means that Gaisce can put coding on the radar of thousands of transition year girls and hopefully encourage them to get involved in their local Dojo and learn a new skill or help out!

To join a CoderDojo, please find your nearest one from this list, or help set one up one or to find out more go to

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