Gaisce Award Ceremony held at the Department of Justice

On February 27th 2024, the 2nd Youth Justice Gaisce Ceremony was held in the Department of Justice. Minister of State James Browne TD joined Gaisce’s CEO Avril Ryan to present Gaisce Awards to a group of young people from a range of YDPs. The young people’s PALs, mentors and family were also there to congratulate the young people involved on their achievements. Congratulations to the Awardees!

Keith O’Driscoll, Youth Justice Project Officer at KEEP Project, Belmayne & Clongriffin and MC of the event said:

“Due to the Gaisce Programme and Youth Justice Workers efforts young people have been pushed into positive outlets that they may never have had the opportunity or motivation to do themselves e.g jobs, career progression, community initiatives, learning languages & life skills, sport, adventure journey in the Cavan Centre.

Some of these young people have now continued their Gaisce Journey to the Gaisce Gold Award and fingers crossed get to do their Adventure Journey on Achill Island in August.

Some young people have been disempowered by the traditional education model. However, I truly believe that informal education has a real role to play in developing young peoples personal growth, awareness and development.

The Gaisce programme promotes informal education and provides young people with opportunity, motivation, structure, psychological and social education that they don’t have in their lives. As a Youth Justice Worker I cannot compliment how much the Gaisce Programme unpins the work we do.

Massive well done to the young people on their amazing achievement and their Youth Justice Worker who supported them throughout their Gaisce Journey.”

Participants across multiple YJPs produced a video talking about their Gaisce experience and their Adventure Journey at The Cavan Centre, which was shown at the event.

Thank you to Gaisce Participants and President’s Award Leaders from KEEP Project, Bru Project, Clay Project and SMART Project.

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