Participant Stories: Cusile O’Donovan

Cuisle, from Galway City, obtained her Bronze Award during Transition Year in Colaiste Iognaid. In 2008, she graduated as a physiotherapist from Trinity College Dublin and the progressed with her PhD. Having completed her doctoral studies, Cuisle went on to become a lecturer in the American University in Kosovo.

For her Community Involvement, Cuisle volunteered with CareLocal, a Dublin non-profit organisation which works to alleviate loneliness and isolation in Dublin’s older community. Once a week, Cuisle visited an elderly lady named Eileen at her home, where they would chat about everything from current affairs to Eileen’s love of horses, forming a solid friendship. Unfortunately, Eileen passed away but Cuisle continued to support CareLocal through helping out with book sales, playing music and singing for residents of Clonskeagh Hospital.

For her Personal Skill, Cuisle decided to take up French. She had a good standard of French on leaving school, but wanted to refresh her vocabulary. She began by emailing a French student, composing the emails using a dictionary and verb book. Cuisle also took French classes twice a week with the Alliance Francaise and attended a French conversation coffee morning every week. She has now passed her DELF B1 and  DELF B2 exam.

Cuisle has always been interested in physical fitness and being active, and so chose running as her Physical Recreation. She chose this sport as there is no need for specialised equipment and there are no rules, limits or seasons. Since starting her Gaisce journey, she has completed two triathlons, a half marathon and a 5 km race.

Cuisle has always loved mountain climbing, climbing Corrán Tuathail, Kilimanjaro and some peaks in the Alps. However, she has always longed to climb in snow or glacier, and so decided to climb Mount Blanc on a six-day adventure – an experience she found tiring and tough, but “intensely rewarding”.

For her Residential Project, Cuisle spent four nights at a conference on Paediatric Exercise Medicine in Philadelphia, USA. She attended lectures and took part in debates and discussions regarding paediatric exercise science and presented a poster entitled “How Children Use Active Video Game Consoles”, which was chosen as the best poster presentation.


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