Getting started with your Gaisce Challenge!


So, you have decided to start your Gaisce journey. Congratulations! But, before you dive in, let’s make sure you have everything you need to get you on your way to achieving your Gaisce Award!

Find a PAL

Your first step is to find yourself a PAL (President\’s Award Leader). Your PAL will be will be your mentor, who will help guide you along the Gaisce journey. The best way to find a PAL is through an organisation that you are involved with – e.g. a school, college, youth group or community club.


What to do, what to do…

Once you have your PAL, you will now need to decide your Gaisce Award level. Check out our website for details on each of the Gaisce Award levels. After choosing which Award level to go for, you will need to decide on what activities you will take part in for your Personal Skill, Community InvolvementPhysical Recreation and Adventure Journey challenge areas. If you are taking part in the Gaisce Gold Award programme, you will also be taking part in a Residential Project. Chat with your PAL and agree what activities you would like to take on for Gaisce. Before you register have a look through our checklist to make sure you have completed all the steps. 

Get organised 

After you have decided on your activities for each of your Gaisce challenge areas,  it’s time to get organised! As you take part in Gasice, you will need to get weekly activity signed off and approved by an activity supervisor. Chat with your PAL about how you will record your weekly activity for each of your Gaisce Challenge Areas. You can also start discussing and planning your Gaisce Adventure Journey! 



Join the Gaisce Online Community!

Don\’t forget, there are thousands of young people across Ireland that, just like you, are embarking on their Gaisce journey – developing new skills, broadening horizons and making new friends. Join the Gaisce community online for the latest updates and photos from Gaisce participants and Awardees across Ireland!


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