Diary Entries, What You Need To Know

We often get asked lots of questions about the Gaisce online diary entries so we have compiled a little guide for you to help you !

Here is all you need to know about the Gaisce diary entries.

Do I have to write a diary entry?

No! Diary entries are not mandatory but if you or your PAL would like to make diary entries then you can do so.

If you do use the option to make a diary entry, then your PAL will need to approve each entry.


Can I enter more than 1 hour a week?

You can.   But you must enter at least one hour for each activity in each week.   The week runs from Monday to Sunday, and at least one hour for each activity is needed in this week.

Of course you can spend extra time doing your activity but this isn’t required for you to achieve your award.


Can I edit the diary entry?

You can edit the entry only until your PAL approves it.  Once your PAL approves the entry, you cannot go back and edit it.


I am doing Diary Entries do I still need my record card signed?

Yes!   The record card is a simple way to show you have you completed all of the weekly activities to achieve your award.

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