Completion Period

Updated 22nd April 2020

We are aware that May is traditionally when many of our participants complete their Gaisce journeys. I know that in these unprecedented times it might seem a daunting task, but I would encourage all participants to stick to their goals.

Lapsed Participants

Some of your participants may have lapsed due to non- payment, which results in participants being unable to access their account or to add diary entries. PALs can view unpaid participants by clicking on \’Unpaid Applications\’ on the right-hand side of their OLS dashboard. We would appreciate if you could please arrange payment directly to Gaisce through your school/organisation. In the interim, participants can continue to complete their record sheets during this time, for PALs to track their journey.

Accounts in the following status cannot be approved by PALs – lapsed, pending, unpaid, invoiced, awaiting parental consent.  For support on managing your participants on OLS, please see our tutorials page.

Stay in Touch

If you have any concerns or need advice to support your participants completing their Award or their Adventure Journey, please contact your Development Officer. We’re here to help with any questions you might have. You can find contact details for your Development Officer on our website.

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