Benefits of Operating Gaisce in Your School

\"379998_10150394691546607_183683667_n\"There are many benefits of running the Gaisce programme in your school.  Not only does it have a positive effect on student’s confidence and personal development, it also contributes to a proactive school community.  Operating the Award within the school environment can create a more adult type relationship between student and teacher and this can build confidence in the young person as they feel treated in a more grown up way.

Have a look at some other reasons why the Gaisce Award fits so well with school life.

  • Students become more active and engaged in the school community and can help to raise  school spirit and morale.
  • Students gain more confidence and become more independent which can have a positive effect on their schoolwork and academic achievement.
  • Students are encouraged to engage in a physical activity and this can benefit the school’s sports teams and programmes as there is an increased participation in physical activities.  The link between physical activity and mental health is well known.
  • Having a PAL outside of the transition year programme can ensure that more students in 5th/6th year have the support to continue their Gaisce journey if they want to.
  • It is a real honour for the student who achieves his or her Gold Award, and they will have an opportunity to represent your school at the Gaisce Gold Award Ceremony where the President of Ireland, Michael D Higgins will present them with their Gold Award.
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