Saoirse Hughes Silver Interview

Saoirse Hughes is doing her Gaisce Silver Award and has almost completed her journey. As part of her Silver Award Saoirse took up first-aid in her school at Trinity Comprehensive, Ballymun. “The course lasted three weeks. I wanted to learn more about helping other people.”

As part of the course Saoirse learned various techniques and how to handle certain situations should she find herself tending to a person who requires first-aid, “I learned how to help somebody if they are choking. I learned CPR and I learned how give compressions. I am volunteering at a fun-run in our school soon and I will be on first-aid duties on the day.”

Saoirse would definitely encourage other Gaisce participants to take up first-aid as part of their Award, she says, “If someone is in trouble it’s better to be able to do something than do nothing at all. I now have the knowledge to be able to do something.”

Recently Saoirse, along with 15 other students, travelled to Wales as part of her Adventure Journey. There she, and her school-mates, walked over 50km. “I love going on the hikes because it’s great to be outdoors. It is my favourite part of the Gaisce experience.\”

Asked why others should take up the Gaisce Award programme Saoirse says, “It is fun and you get to learn things and do things that you wouldn’t normally do on a daily basis.”

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