PAL Essential Information 2020

Gaisce would like to take this opportunity to thank all of our President’s Award Leaders for their dedication to supporting young people to realise their potential.

As ever, please call or email your Development Officer if you need any advice or a question answered. Below is a reminder of the protocol for Bronze Medal dispatch and an Adventure Journey Checklist for your information. There are helpful video tutorials available to assist PALs using the online system to complete awards here. 

Tasks Reminder:

If you have participants who wish to receive their Bronze award in May, here’s a quick reminder of tasks to be completed:

  1. Each participant will have registered and paid registration fees.
  2. PALs will review completed Record Sheets.
  3. Participants marked as ‘Standard Achieved – Approve’ on system. Approve participants at least 10 working days before you require medals. (If you have more participants to approve or there are a number of PALs in the organisation and you want all awards in one delivery, click ‘Do Not Dispatch Awards’. Clicking this option means awards will not be dispatched to your organisation until the box is unticked. Please remember to untick this box when all of your participants have been approved).

Adventure Journey Check List:

When planning your Adventure Journey, ensure that:

  1. The route chosen meets the required distance for each award level:
    • Bronze: 25km walk or 100km cycle over 2 days and 1 night.
  2. Suitable accommodation is booked (i.e. hostel, campsite) with cooking facilities to allow participants to make at least one substantial meal each day.
  3. There’s adequate supervision for the size of the group, we recommend a ratio of 8 to 1. (N.B. PALs must supervise the overnight element of the Adventure Journey for participants under 18 or vulnerable adults).
  4. Participants have suitable outdoor clothing including appropriate footwear.
  5. No looped walks are permitted on the Silver and Gold Adventure Journeys.
  6. Silver and Gold participants stay in a different location each night.
  7. Participants undertake their Adventure Journey with peers; doing a hike with parental supervision does not meet requirements.
  8. For more information about this section, please refer to the Adventure Journey Policy and the Gaisce Handbook.
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