International Award Summer Camp Latvia 2014

The Duke of Edinburgh Award in Latvia are delighted to invite award participants from different countries, including Ireland, to take part at the International Award Camp 2014 Latvia. The camp will be held during July 12-18 at Taurupe secondary school in Latvia and is open to all Gold Participants and can be used as part of the Residential Project.

The camp programme will be centred on the four fields of the Award. Camp participants will have the opportunity to learn new skills, improve personal development and gain awareness of different cultures. There will be also various workshops, sports and activities during the camp including an expedition and volunteer service. For a more detailed description of the camp download an information sheet below.

If you are interested download the application form below and send a scanned version of the form form to or June 1st.


International Award Summer Camp Application Form 

  International Award Summer Camp Information


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