How To Make Sure Your Gold Portfolio Pops!

As part of your Gold Gaisce Award, you must submit a portfolio detailing the work that went into your Gold Award. As you can imagine each portfolio is as unique as each participant, but here are a few helpful tips to ensure your portfolio stands out and shows just how much work you put into your Gold Award. Remember, your Gold Gaisce portfolio is a record of your achievement! 

1) Plan,Plan,Plan – Firstly, draw out a plan of what you want your portfolio to show. What parts of your Gaisce journey do you want to highlight? Make sure to include all the required info in your portfolio. You can find a list of what needs to be included here.




2) Remember – It’s not a school project – Your Gold portfolio is not homework or an assignment, there is no right or wrong way to go about it and you will not be graded on it. As long as you have carried out the required activities, it’s all fine. 

3) Make it yours – Write up your portfolio as if you are having a chat with us. There is no need to use language or phrases that you would not usually use. It should be as if you are having a conversation with us. Remember, your Gold Gaisce portfolio is a record of your achievement so don\’t downplay all the hard work that has gone into achieving your Gold Award. On the flip side of that, do include things that went wrong, things you would do differently or talk about any obstacles that you may have overcome in order to achieve this Award. 




4) Include lots of photos! – We here at Gaisce love seeing photos of your Gaisce journey and they look great in the Gold Award Ceremony programme! If you would like your photo featured in our Ceremony programme, include a disc of photos with your portfolio as they are of a higher quality.




5) Say thank you – If you feel like thanking anyone who may have helped along the way, now is your chance! You don’t need to give a big Oscar worthy thanks, but it is nice to point out those who made the journey that bit easier!




6) Send it in! You would be surprised that sometimes participants do all the hard work of earning their Gold Award but then when it comes down to handing in the portfolio they put it off. So start working on your portfolio from the beginning, piece by piece, and you will be all set to hand it up when you\’ve completed your Gold Award.

And remember your portfolio should be a showcase for all the fantastic work you put into achieving your Gold Gaisce Award, so take your time, have fun and remember to send it in! 


*Photos included in blog are taken with permission from a Gold Awardees portfolio! 

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