Gaisce is delighted to partner with the Thomas F. Meagher Foundation’s ‘Flag Day’


\"ThomasGaisce is delighted to partner with the Thomas F. Meagher Foundation’s ‘Flag Day’. Gaisce Bronze participants in TY can fulfil the requirements for the Community Involvement OR Personal Skill aspects (not both) of their Gaisce Award by working on weekly activities working towards ‘Flag Day’.  This involves registering with the Thomas F. Meagher Foundation to receive free flag pins to raise funding for a local charity, project or organisation as well as organising activities leading to ‘Flag Day’ on March 16th 2019. 



Through the Thomas F. Meagher Foundation’s work with second level students in Ireland selling lapel pins on/in the lead up to ‘Flag Day’ on March 16th for projects or charities of their choosing, we encourage the young people of Ireland, irrespective of ethnicity, creed or gender to work together under the Irish tricolour to proclaim and live its message of peace and unity and celebrate the new broader inclusive definition of Irishness. At the ‘Flag Day’ event in schools the flags of students of different backgrounds are also celebrated, as is their origins. You can find out more about the foundation on THEIR WEBSITE. 



As with all Gaisce activities, the participants will be required to fulfil a minimum of 1 hour a week for 13 weeks. As such, the participants can explore unique ways to promote and prepare for the Flag Day, while incorporating other activities and projects related to the overall concept of the Flag Day and The Thomas F. Meagher Foundation. Below are examples of the types of activities that participants can complete when choosing the Flag Day as one of their Gaisce Challenge Areas:

  • Planning, preparing and organising the actual Flag Day;
  • Choosing and liaising with the chosen charity;
  • Promoting the chosen charity in the school;
  • Fundraising;
  • Additional events in the school around the concept of citizenship or the flag;
  • Engaging with the school community around the Flag Day, additional events, the chosen charity etc.;
  • Special research projects related to the overall concept of the Flag Day and The Thomas F. Meagher Foundation.

Note: The activities mentioned will overlap throughout the time period and are obviously not restricted to individual weekly sessions.




Week 1:        Investigate the history of Irish Flag

Week 2:        Irish Flag and Irish culture – research references to Irish Flag in poetry,    literature, music, popular culture etc.

Week 3:        Irish Flag in international context – students share information about other flags and what they symbolise. Importance and symbolism of Flags – e.g. Iwo Jima, 9/11

Week 4:        Protocol and respect of flag

Week 5:        Team create plan of action for remaining weeks in relation to events and activities the group intends to present for ‘Flag day’ – focus, actions, flag protocols, roles etc. 

Week 6:        Choose charity to raise funding for through the lapel pin sales.

Week 7 – 8:  Create awareness campaign about charity and about Irish Flag (create and display posters in school, presentations to other classes, communicate with charity and get literature etc.)

Week 9:        Sell lapel pins (may could take more than one week and primarily in the week running up to March 16th – Flag Day)

Week 10:     Prepare for Flag Day – invite local representatives, representatives from charity etc.

Week 11:     Prepare for Flag Day – running order, speakers, booking room, refreshments, seating, etc.

Week 12:     Flag Day – events and activities

Week 13:     Reflect on the project outcomes


Other activities could include:

  • Create information campaign/exhibition in school, local library etc.
  • Contact local radio and newspaper and publicise activities
  • Speech writing and delivery
  • Promotion and marketing campaign
  • Invite relevant speaker to school to address students
  • Contact local government and public offices and speak to them about how they use the flag etc.
  • After awareness campaign, students could be invited to complete a fun questionnaire about the Flag
  • Students ask school management about the school’s flag
  • Collaborate with other members of the community e.g. older community members




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