Participant Stories: Andrew Wheeler

Andrew travelled to Ireland from Australia in 2008 and once settled, sought out new challenges. Andrew had already completed his Bronze Duke of Edinburgh Award in Australia six months before moving to Ireland and so, starting on the Gaisce journey felt like a natural choice for him. Andrew completed his Silver Award while in 4th year, going on to achieve his Gold Award shortly after, with the guidance of his PAL Michelle Hett.

For his Physical Activity, Andrew decided to attend the gym. Having stopped playing tennis and swimming, which he had previously been heavily involved in, he decided to aid his cycling training by working out at the gym.

For his Community Involvement, Andrew volunteered in Oxfam in Dun Laoghaire, in addition to the Aisling Project in Ballymun. He enjoyed both projects, and found that he integrated with the other volunteers well from early on, and got on really well with the children.

Andrew undertook two activities for his Personal Skill: Life saving and learning to how to become a bike technician. For his life saving skill, Andrew chose to study to become a qualified lifeguard, which he achieved. While learning to become a bike technician, Andrew honed his skills at Belfield Bike Shop where he worked repairing, servicing and building bikes.

For his Adventure Journey, Andrew decided to cycle the West Cork Coastline, travelling 350 km over a four-day period.

For his residential Project, Andrew went to Lourdes for six days.

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