Alternative Personal Skill Ideas !!

A lot of times people can get stuck in a bit of a rut about what they want to undertake as part of the personal skill challenge area.

So, to try and fix this, we have compiled a list of more ‘alternative’ personal skill suggestions! 



DJing – A lot of participants take up a new instrument which is certainly a great skill to have! But how about taking up DJing? Bring out your creative side and make your own beats! There are stores online where you can buy DJ Controllers for under €70. Some of the professional software might be a bit expensive but you can find free alternatives online too. If you are creative, then DJing could definitely for you!




Sewing/Fashion designing: If you have always thought about having a career in fashion designing then taking up sewing as your personal skill would be for you! Sewing machines can come in at over €100 however, some stores have ones for under €80! If you’re a bit unsure about making such a big splurge how about taking up sewing the old-fashioned way with a needle and thread and see if you enjoy it first!


Surfing: If you are lucky enough to live near the coast of Ireland, it is definitely worth taking up surfing as a new skill! Surprisingly Ireland is a fantastic place to surf with record breaking waves! But before you head out on them check out surf clubs nearby and enquire about joining one to make sure you’ll be able to stay afloat! and have info on places you can go to surf so check out their websites!




Vlogging: Zoella, Tyler Oakley, Alfie Dayes are just a few of the top names in the vlogging world. If you follow or subscribe to a vlogging channel, why not make your own? Talk about something that you are passionate about, whether it be science, sports, gaming, fashion the possibilities are endless. You never know where your vlog might take you!



BT Young Scientist: A great activity to take part in is BT Young Scientist! The competition is open to any student from 1st year up to 6th year!
Check out their website for more info on how to enter! It is worth entering if you have ever had an idea that you felt could change the world!

Now that you know what else there is to take up as part of your personal skill challenge area there is no excuse for being bored with your decision! Also remember that if there is something that is not listed here, or on the website, have a chat with your PAL and see if it could qualify! 

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