Residential Project

Gold Award only

The Residential Project offers unique experiences that truly broaden horizons and challenges their outlook. The project gives a shared purposeful experience with people who are not your usual companions, working towards a common goal in an unfamiliar environment.


  • Learning how to plan, prepare, undertake and complete the project as part of a team.
  • Broadening experience through involvement with others
  • Experiencing an unfamiliar environment
  • Experiencing a sense of shared purpose with people who are not usual companions
  • Working towards a common goal
  • Developing the attributes of determination and perseverance


  • Be undertaking the Gold Award and choose the experience themselves
  • Undertake shared purposeful activity which provides opportunities for broadening interests and experience.
  • Reside away from your usual place of residence for a total period of no less than five days and four nights.
  • Be in the company of others who are, in the majority, not your usual companions.
  • Undergo briefing and/or training (if required) prior to or during the residential period so that they are able to contribute fully to the activity and derive full benefit from the experience.
  • Not gain materially from the experience (although assistance may be sought for transport, accommodation and meals).

Time Requirements

Level Days Nights
Gold 5 4

Examples Of Residential Projects

This project requires a shared activity with a group in a residential setting for 5 days and 4 nights. Some examples of projects to give you a flavour of what you could do include:

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