Physical Recreation

Physical activity is good for both body and mind and is essential for a person’s well-being. In this section, you can either seek to improve your ability in an activity that you already do or take up a completely new activity. You can choose a physical activity that you do on your own or as part of a team: in the case of a team sport, it is your individual effort and commitment that counts.


  • Promoting health education and healthy lifestyle habits
  • Improving fitness
  • Interacting socially, either in a team or meeting people with an interest in a similar individual sport
  • Enhancing self-discipline, perseverance and self-motivation
  • Experiencing a sense of achievement


  • Take up a completely new physical activity or seek to improve your ability in an activity that you are already engaged in, that can be pursued for a period of time with set goals and targets
  • Meet the minimum time requirements, spending at least one hour per week on the Physical Recreation activity.
  • Undertake activities in your own time.
  • Show regular commitment, progress, and improvement in your chosen activity.
  • Ensure that there is structure to the learning and a method of validating that (there is no requirement to pay for classes).

Time Requirements

Level Minimum time If Physical is chosen as the main section
Bronze 13 Weeks 26 weeks
Silver 26 Weeks 52 Weeks, if Bronze has not been achieved
Gold 52 Weeks 78 weeks if Silver has not been achieved

Examples of Physical Recreation Activities

In this challenge area you’ll select one activity to participate in. Some examples to give you a flavour of what you could do include:

word cloud-03

Some activities are not eligible to be used for the Physical Recreation, such as:

Walking to school

Walking (outside a club context)

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