Personal Skill

Personal Skill gives you the chance to improve on an existing skill or to try something new. This is an opportunity to take part in an activity that truly interests you, and to develop skills that you may have previously thought out of your reach.


  • Developing personal interests, creativity and practical skills
  • Working toward developing your full potential
  • Experiencing a great sense of achievement
  • Improving employability through achieving new skills


  • Take up a completely new activity or seek to improve your ability in an activity that you are already engaged in, that can be pursued for a period of time with set goals and targets
  • Meet the minimum time requirements, spending at least one hour per week on the Personal Skill activity.
  • Undertake activities in your own time.
  • Show regular commitment, progress, and improvement in your chosen skill.
  • Ensure that there is structure to the learning and a method of validating that (there is no requirement to pay for classes).

Time Requirements

Level Minimum time If Skill is chosen as the main section
Bronze 13 Weeks 26 weeks
Silver 26 Weeks 52 Weeks, if Bronze has not been achieved
Gold 52 Weeks 78 weeks if Silver has not been achieved

Examples of Personal Skills Activities

In this challenge area you’ll select one activity to participate in. It’s important that you keep balance by selecting activities that are not too similar to those chosen for the Community Involvement or Physical Recreation sections — in particular, the Personal Skill activity cannot be of a sporting nature.

Some examples to give you a flavour of what you could do include:

word cloud-02

Some activities are not eligible to be used for the Personal Skill, such as

All Sporting/Physical activities including sport courses that are not class room based (theory)

All martial arts, Pilates and Yoga. (These can be used in the Physical Recreation Section of the Award only)

Reading (except where there are learning difficulties)

Driver Theory Test (However, learning to drive is only allowed at Bronze and Silver Award level provided the participant is old enough to hold a provisional license and is insured. Learning to drive at Gold Award level is not allowed.)