Choosing a Gaisce Award if you live in Northern Ireland through the Joint Award Initiative

The Joint Award Initiative is a unique partnership between Gaisce – The President’s Award and the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award which offers young people in Northern Ireland a choice of certification for their award achievement.  

Under the Joint Award Initiative, young people in Northern Ireland (NI) who fulfil the requirements of the Joint Award Initiative can choose to receive a Gaisce – The President’s Award, a Duke of Edinburgh’s Award, or a Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award at Bronze, Silver and Gold Award levels. 

For further information on the Joint Award Initiative please email or visit or go to The Joint Award Initiative – Home | Facebook 


How do I choose a Gaisce Award If I am living in Northern Ireland? 

In Northern Ireland the programme is administered by the Joint Award Initiative office. When you have completed all sections of your award just let your Leader know which certificate you would like to receive. 

I am a leader in an organisation in Northern Ireland with participants interested in choosing Gaisce certification 

Organisations in Northern Ireland interested in helping participants choose Gaisce certification must liaise with the Joint Award Initiative office in Northern Ireland. 

Can I register with Gaisce directly if I am living in NI? 

In Northern Ireland the programme is administered by the Joint Award Initiative office and therefore leaders and participants with addresses in NI cannot register directly with Gaisce. 

As a leader with participants living in NI, do I register for PAL training? 

Training for Leaders with participants in NI is provided through the Joint Award Initiative office only. If you are in an organisation with leaders operating in both NI and Ireland you must complete appropriate training with each  organisation to support participants (and processes) from both jurisdictions.  

If I choose a Gaisce – The President’s Award Certificate how is it presented? 

Gold Award participants who choose Gaisce – The President’s Award certification are invited to the Gold Award Ceremony in Dublin to receive their award and certificate with the President of Ireland in attendance. Bronze and Silver participants in NI who choose Gaisce – The President’s Award certification receive their award and certificate through events within their own organisation, or if it is offered, opt to attend a Joint Award Initiative presentation in NI.   

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