Become a Gaisce Award Partner

Is your organisation interested in offering the Gaisce programme to the young people you work with?

Why deliver the Gaisce programme?

  • Gaisce provides a structured approach to measuring and recognising a young person’s personal development
  • Participation in Gaisce is proven to lead to significantly enhanced mental health and well being in young people (research available to download here)
  • Young people you work with could already be engaged in activities that count towards a Gaisce Award
  • Gaisce is a great way of boosting young people’s confidence, communications and leadership skills – some of the most valued skills by employers
  • The Gaisce Award is a great addition to a young person’s CV
  • The outcomes of participation in Gaisce align with the Government’s Better Outcomes, Brighter Futures policy

Can I deliver the Gaisce programme in my organisation? Potential Gaisce Award Partners are organisations which:

  • Directly, or indirectly, work with young people between the ages of 15-25.
  • Provide a service to young people between the ages of 15-25.
  • Are passionate about inspiring young people and encouraging their personal development.

How I do start? Take the first step in becoming a Gaisce Award Partner today by nominating someone in your organisation to apply to become a Gaisce President’s Award Leader. Further information on the application process is available here.


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