Gaisce Youth Leaders

Are you a Gaisce participant or Gaisce Awardee looking for volunteer opportunities or the chance to give something back to Gaisce?  

In September 2019, Gaisce launched our new Gaisce Youth Leaders role Gaisce Youth Leaders will now take on some of the following roles: 

  • Student Ambassadors 
  • Event Volunteers (including Gaisce Award Ceremonies and Áras Garden Parties) 
  • Media interviews. (When we need a youth or participants voice) 
  • Member of Pilot Youth Advisory Panel 
  • Speaking at Gaisce events 

Gaisce Youth Leaders, may take on just one role from above or multiple.  


What to expect for the year:  

  • Lá Gaisce.  
  • Silver Awards, Civic Merit Award, Gold Award Ceremony.  
  • 35th Anniversary.  
  • External Events/Expos  
  • Ad Hoc Media Opportunities 

Training Opportunities for Gaisce Youth Leaders 

  • Gaisce Programme Overview  
  • Media Training  
  • Public Speaking  
  • Advocacy  
  • Career Coaching  
  • Event Management  
  • Safeguarding  



Gaisce Youth Leaders  

  • Must either hold a Gaisce Award (any level) or be a current active participant of Gaisce -The Presidents Award (at any award level)
  • Must be over 18 years of age. 

To register to attend the session please email Holly on  to arrange a short phone call to discuss the role