Frequently Asked Questions

Who can participate in the Gaisce Award?

The Award is open to young people between 15 and 25 years of age.

Is it a competition?

No. It is not a competition and it is not about being nominated.

How many Awards are there?

There are three Awards:

What exactly do I do to earn an Award?

There are four different challenge areas in the Award Programme and you must participate in each challenge area for at least one hour per week to earn an Award. The four challange areas are as follows:

A Residental Project is required for the Gold Award

What are the benefits of doing Gaisce?

Participation in Gaisce is a great way of making new friends, growing your confidence and developing new skills and hobbies.  It is a superb way to meet new people, experience new things and help discover your passion in life!  Gaisce is also a great addition to your CV- employers see Gaisce as a sign of motivation and commitment, that you have the ability to set your goals and work to achieve them.

What is expected of me in each of the four challenge areas?

What does Gaisce mean?

Gaisce is an Irish word which means ‘great achievement’

What is a PAL?

A PAL is a President’s Award Leader. Your PAL is an adult supervisor who supports you in your journey to achieving your Gaisce Award.

What do I do next?

You have one chance to earn a prestigious Award from the President of Ireland and that chance is right now. Your journey starts here!

Got A Different Question?

Follow the link below to contact us with any questions you might have about our Awards, PALs, requirements etc. We will respond just as soon as we can.

FAQ’s for PAL’s

Has Gaisce - The President's Award got Insurance cover?

Yes, Gaisce has public liability policy to cover negligence in any one event up to €2.6 million. Gaisce considers it prudent for all participants and PALs to have personal accident insurance before commencing the Award.

Can I use an adventure centre for the Award?

In certain circumstances the PAL may use the services of a recognised adventure centre which is prepared to comply fully with the requirements of the Award. Gaisce does not accredit centres in any way. If you are making enquiries to any of these centres for them to support you in doing what you require, ensure that they do so to a high standard and in a safe manner.* PALs and their participants should explore the following as a very minimum.*

  • Can the centre or organisation provide a service that complies with the standards of the Adventure Journey section of the Award to plan, prepare and undertake an Adventure Journey of appropriate duration (depending on the level you are doing or supporting as a PAL)?
  • Are their instructors fully and appropriately qualified?
  • Is the centre well organised and managed?
  • Ask to see their safety statement and arrangements and establish if they are adequately insured
  • Have they a child protection policy and is child protection built into their operation?
  • Can they cater for males and females separately?
  • Is there accommodation for PALs?
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