Gaisce – The President’s Award is a self-development programme that encourages you to find your passion, get active and make a difference in your community! Gaisce is a direct challenge from the President of Ireland to young people aged 15-25 to dream big and realise their potential. There are three levels of Gaisce – Bronze, Silver and Gold. The more time and energy you give, the greater the reward! By taking part in Gaisce, you will take on exciting personal, physical and community challenges and develop new skills and new friendships. Here you’ll find everything you need to to get started, find inspiration from past participants and their adventures and keep up to date with Gaisce news!

 So dive right in and see where Gaisce can take you!


Award Levels

There are three levels to the Award programme, starting with Bronze and progressing to Silver or Gold, with the time and investment required increasing as the participant moves from Bronze towards the Gold Award.

While you are able to begin straight away with the Gold Award (depending on your age), most participants begin with the Bronze Award and work up from there to the higher levels.

Level Minimum Starting Age Regular Length of Award Length if Previous Level Achieved
Bronze 15 26 weeks
Silver 16 52 weeks 26 weeks
Gold 17 78 weeks 52 weeks

An application fee of €15 applies for the Bronze Award, €20 for Silver, and €25 for Gold.

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      Big thank you to @IrelandAMVMT for having our Gold Awardees Nathan and Abbie on to discuss their #Gaisce Awards.

      "The Gaisce President's Award is the most prestigious Award in Ireland for young people aged 15 to 25."
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